SCI Art Forum

Mr. Vijay Thombre - Director
SCI Knowledge Interlinks Pvt. Ltd.
The discourse on beauty has enriched human lives from time immemorial. At SCI Knowledge Interlinks Pvt. Ltd., we recognize this value of art. Our social mission is to promote the ongoing development of the visual arts, primarily paintings through a unique artistic programme we call the SCI Art Forum. SCI Art Forum was started in 2004 as a unique HR initiative under which every designer working with us is assigned to create one painting every month; this metamorphoses the designer as he becomes a habitual creative artist from a task master. Importantly, his or her ideation and expression are without digital tools.

The designers follow their own creative initiatives, freely choosing their own themes and developing their own styles. In the setting of the forum they benefit from the art criticism and the positive energies of company of fellow artists.

Their creative pleasure multiplies when their paintings are donated to raise funds for social causes. Through this initiative we have been able to contribute to NGOs engaged in worthy causes.

"Our HR initiative has taken shape of a movement with donations of paintings coming from the designers working with us earlier and friends of our design team", says Vijay Thombre, director SCI Knowledge Interlinks Pvt. Ltd.

How it works

Donated paintings are displayed online in our SCI Art Gallery and a physical gallery at our office in Pune. The paintings are then donated to an NGO which sells them. 100% of the proceeds from the sales are donated for the chosen cause.


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